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Planning to travel with ITA Airways? This can be a brilliant idea because of the exceptional services and amenities ITA Airways offer to all their passengers. Whether you are looking for ticket reservation service or want to take a short nap in a peaceful environment, ITA Airways SFO Terminal is the only place for all these facilities.

Once you arrive at the airport, head to the respective terminal to find all the service counters, inquiry desks, and departure or arrival gates for your flight. Read this information till the end and grab all the necessary details before leaving your place!

Important Information of ITA Airways at San Francisco Airport

Passengers often get confused after visiting the airport. This is because a number of airlines operate from a specific terminal, providing multiple counters. To avoid this problem, carry all the information mentioned on this page and travel stress-free:

Airport NameSan Francisco Airport
Airport AddressSan Francisco, CA 94128, United States
Arrivals & Departures TerminalInternational Terminal A
Airport CodeSFO
CitySan Francisco
CountryUnited States
Working Hours24 hours
Contact Number+1 (650) 821-8211

Departures & Arrivals at Terminal A

No need to get confused about the departure or arrival terminal at the airport. ITA Airways offers smooth arrivals and hassle-free departures to all travelers at SFO . After arriving at the airport, head to Terminal A to find the departure gates of your ITA Airways flight. In addition, all the arrival flights will land at Terminal A, and passengers will be able to collect all their luggage from the baggage claim facility.

San Francisco Airport Map Location

Services & Amenities Offered by ITA Airways at SFO Airport Terminal

ITA Airways is well-known for its phenomenal services and amenities it offers to all the passengers traveling with it. After arriving at the airport, passengers can directly head towards the respective terminal and find all the service counters, inquiry desks, and other additional facilities without putting in any unnecessary effort and wasting time. Check the below points to get a quick overview of the services you can find at the airport:

  • ATMs
  • Family Restrooms
  • Quiet Seating Areas
  • Information Desks
  • Boarding Gates Information
  • Customs and Immigration
  • Priority Boarding
  • Currency Exchange
  • Airline Lounges
  • Baby Care Rooms
  • Lost and Found Service
  • Visa Related Services
  • Car Rental Services
  • Pre-boarding Service
  • Forex Services
  • Medical Services
  • Kids Play Area
  • Flight Information Displays
  • Passport Control Facility
  • Inter-terminal Transport
  • Internet/Wifi Access

Booking & Reservations!

If you, like most people, find it difficult to make a reservation by yourself, then here’s the solution to your problem. Visit the SFO and head to Terminal A to book a flight in no time. To make it happen, ask the booking counter staff to make a ticket reservation on your behalf, provide all the essential details, and pay the amount. The agent will then share all the information and tickets on your registered email ID.

Flight Cancellation!

Canceling a flight can be a difficult task if you try to do it on your own. However, you can find a number of cancellation counters at the ITA Airways Terminal A of SFO, where you can visit and request the counter agent to cancel the flight due to any specific reason. Make sure that the reason is genuine and valid so that there will be no issue while applying for the ticket cancellation. You can also apply for a refund if you are canceling the ticket in a risk-free cancellation period or due to any serious emergency.

Check-in & Boarding!

The check-in process is one of the most difficult tasks if you try to do it at the last minute. It’s already proven that passengers who arrive at the airport early and complete the check-in get their boarding passes in a few minutes and don’t have to stand in long queues. You can directly visit the respective terminal and move to the check-in counters available. 

After completing the check-in, the counter staff will give you the boarding pass at the same time. 

Lost & Found Service!

Missing luggage issues can become a real hassle if you don’t file a complaint at the lost and found counter available at the SFO terminal. These counters are used to find passengers’ missing bags and belongings. As soon as you file a complaint at the counter, the counter staff will immediately take appropriate action and inform you once the baggage is found. 

Baggage Claim Facility!

ITA Airways offers a smooth and hassle-free arrival to all passengers. After you arrive at the airport, you can directly head towards the baggage claim areas to collect your luggage. While waiting for the pickup cab you booked, you can head to any of the stores and outlets to check some interesting stuff for you. 

Additional Assistance for Special Travelers!

Whether you are traveling with a patient or a disabled passenger, you can inform the airline about the same to get dedicated special assistance without any additional cost. ITA Airways may offer you a wheelchair, priority onboarding, medical help, etc. Make sure that you inform the airline in advance so that they can make proper arrangements at the time of your arrival. 

Ground Transportation at SFO!

SFO offers a dedicated ground transportation facility with several options for travelers to transfer within the airport or to their destination. Whether you are looking for a shuttle service, cab facility, terminal bus service, rental cars, or many more, you can choose the facility depending on your budget, needs, comfort, etc. The charges for these services may vary depending on the time duration and distance to the destination place. 

After arriving at the SFO, you can head directly to Terminal A, where ITA Airways offers all the essential services and facilities to travelers. ITA Airways SFO Terminal will be the only place where passengers can find the check-in counters to collect their boarding passes. In addition, make sure to carry all the documents and certificates for a hassle-free journey!

People Also Asked!

Is ITA Airways Terminal A or B at SFO?

ITA Airways uses Terminal A for all arriving flights and Terminal A for departures at SFO Airport.

Where do ITA Airways fly out of SFO?

ITA Airways flights depart from Terminal A at SFO Airport.

How early to get to SFO Airport for ITA Airways?

Passengers must arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before the scheduled Flight Departure.

What terminal in SFO is ITA Airways?

ITA Airways uses Terminal A at SFO Airport.

ITA Airways Terminals Other Locations

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