When is the best time to buy Frontier Airlines tickets?

Are you mapping out your next holiday? Need a hand with bookings for your work trip? When is the best day of the week to purchase the cheapest flights? Behold and take notes on scrutinizing your plans so you do not exaggerate your travel expenses. 

The first and most important fact you should know while booking is that Frontier’s flight fares differ on different days and times of the year. You must also know that Frontier is the country’s most loved ultra-low-cost airline and flies to over a hundred destinations domestically and internationally. There should be no second guesses when looking to save big on your air travel-Frontier is your best bet. But here is how you can make it even more economical. 

The Days of the Week with Best Deals

As a savvy flyer, you must know that airfare fluctuates for various itineraries from time to time. This uncertainty depends on diverse factors, including the time of the year, holiday seasons, festivals, special events, long weekends, and the day of the week. As per the pattern of the price variation you can easily predict- When is the best time to buy Frontier Airlines tickets?

So, here is your answer-booking your reservations on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays can buy you the most low-cost tickets. Frontier claims the deals for first-time buyers start at $29, and for the Discount Den memberships, the flight fares begin at $19. The only condition you should take into consideration is that you make your purchase 14 days in advance.

Note: 3 Days Fare Sale is not applicable for Blackout dates and routes.

The Sooner, the Better

Well! That is not always true. If you purchase tickets for peak season, booking between 4 and 1 month before the departure can allow you cheaper deals. However, there is no guarantee that those will be top options. There is a chance that after a few months, your plans may differ, or the fares will go down for unforeseen reasons. 

Furthermore, for times when there is not too much seasonal rush, a period of six weeks prior to the scheduled departure is a win-win situation. However early you are planning your purchasing, ensure the days of the week are Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday, i.e., 3 Days Fare Sale. Other than that, you must know that if you can cancel your Frontier tickets within 24 hours of reservation, you are entitled to a 100% refund. 

Discount Den Club

One of the most logical ways to get deals and discounts is to join Frontier Airlines Discount Den Club. Membership allows you access to the lowest fares, which can help you save a lot on each flight. The airline will grant you miles on every flight and notify you about the latest offers and new destinations at the earliest. 

Benefits of the Discount Den

The features of Frontier Airline’s membership win you the following benefits: 

  • Earn miles for every flight with Frontier Airlines. 
  • The Frontier Airline will send notifications on the latest discounts and promotions. 
  • If the airline adds a new destination to its list, you will be the first one to know., 
  • Discount Den lets you book tickets for up to nine people with hot deals and promotions. 
  • The ‘Kids Fly Free’ option lets you use every adult DISCOUNT DEN fare purchase to get free tickets for children below the age of 15. (However, this discount applies only for specific flights and dates)
Low Air FaresFree Kid’s Tickets (On selected flights)Exclusive discounts 

Details of the Membership cost

Before indulging in the DISCOUNT DEN club offer, you should consider the following investments: 

  • You can purchase a year-long membership at $59.99 using one year of savings)
  • New flyers should pay $59.99 for membership costs and $40 for enrollment, meaning in the first year, every member should pay $99.99.  

Common Queries!

What day is the cheapest to purchase Frontier flights?

The Airline is offering a 3-day fare sale, in which if you buy tickets on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays, you will get reasonably priced flights.

What day of the week is the best time to purchase airline tickets?

Thursday is the best time of the week to buy Frontier tickets because of the low price and less rush. 

How far in advance should I buy a plane ticket to get the best price?

The best time to purchase air tickets is around six to seven weeks before the departure. At this time, the price is not only optimal, but you can also manage your plans as per the schedule. 

Does Frontier change bag prices?

Yes. Depending on the day, time of year, booking rush, and many other factors, the price of check-in and carry-on baggage may vary at the Frontier websites and offices. 

Are Frontier bags cheaper online?

If you pre-book the baggage allowance while making online reservations, you may get further discounts and cheap deals.

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