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This page is for you if you want to save yourself from hassle at the Vueling Airlines LGW terminal. Preparing with all the information in advance can reduce stress before your trip. Passengers need to know what terminal they must arrive at to follow the pre-flight procedures after reaching. They also need to know what to do if they face a last-minute purchase or craving for a meal or a snack.

By staying informed about the amenities and directions at this terminal, you can save time and have a smooth travel experience. If you are a travel fanatic or flying for the first time, you will get all the required details here. You must read further to know more.

Important Information of Vueling Airlines at London Gatwick Airport

If you are looking for some highlights regarding Vueling Airlines flying from LGW terminal, here is what you need. From contact details to working hours, we have all the details mentioned there. Check out the segment below:

Airport NameLondon Gatwick Airport
Airport AddressHorley, Gatwick RH6 0NP, United Kingdom
Arrivals & Departures TerminalTerminal S
Airport CodeLGW
Working Hours24 hours
Contact Number+44 344 892 0322

Terminal Used By Vueling At LGW Airport

London Gatwick Airport Terminal

Vueling Airlines uses the Terminal S at the London Gatwick Airport. Knowing that this airline operates out of which airline in advance will help you to ensure clarity on your trip. Gatwick Airport has two terminals, so remember that you must reach Terminal S, or else you will save time. You can simply follow the signs directing you to the terminal after arriving at the airport. 

Aircrafts Used By Vueling at LGW 

This airline uses Airbus A31X/A32X family aircraft at London Gatwick Airport. These are all short-haul, single-aisle airplanes commonly used for low-cost travel. Below are the specific models listed:

  • Airbus A319-100 has a capacity of carrying more than 140 passengers.
  • Airbus A320-200 can fly around 180 passengers.
  • Airbus A320neo can carry more than 180 passengers.

Procedures To Follow After Reaching LGW Airport

When you reach LGW Airport, you must get to Terminal S for your flight departures with Vueling Airlines as mentioned below: 

Check-in For Flight

There are two mediums to check in, which are online and offline. 

Online Check-In

For most flights, you can check in online for your Vueling flight up to 24 hours before departure. Follow the steps below:

  • Visit the official website of Vueling or download their app.
  • Click on “Online Check-in”. A drop-down screen will appear.
  • Enter your booking code & email. 
  • Follow the instructions to check in for your flight. It might involve confirming passenger information and selecting your seat.
  • Once you’ve checked in, you can download or email your boarding pass.

Check-In At The Airport

Vueling check-in counters open at least 2 hours before your flight departs. Check out the steps below:

  • At the Check-In Counter- Find the airline’s check-in desks for your flight. Look for signs with the airline logo or your destination city.
    • Have your ID and booking confirmation ready.
    • The airline staff will verify your information and print your boarding pass.
    • Using a Self-Service Kiosk- Many airports offer self-service kiosks for faster check-in.
      • You’ll need your booking confirmation or a credit card to identify yourself when purchasing.
      • Follow all the instructions to print your boarding pass.

      Security Check

      Once you have checked in, go to the security screening department. 

      • Follow the signs for “Security” or “Departures.”
      • You must put your belongings through an X-ray scanner and then walk through a metal detector.
      • There might be separate lines for passengers with carry-on luggage only and those with checked bags.
      • Check with Vueling or LGW Airport about specific restrictions on carry-on luggage size and allowed items, especially if you carry sharp objects.

      London Gatwick Airport Map Location

      Services & Amenities Offered by Vueling Airlines at LGW Airport Terminal

      There are many amenities offered at the Vueling Airlines Terminals, including:

      • ATMs and Banks
      • Breastfeeding Area
      • Medical Facilities
      • Airline/airport Lounges
      • Wifi or Internet Access
      • Security Checkpoints
      • Self-service Kiosks
      • Passport Control
      • Luggage Storage
      • Family Restrooms
      • Quiet Seating Rooms
      • Business Centre
      • Check-in Counters
      • Restaurants and Cafes
      • Baggage Wrapping
      • Children’s Play Area
      • Hotels and Accommodations
      • Information Desks
      • Immigration and Customs
      • Inter-terminal Transportation
      • Shops and Duty-free
      • Baggage Claim
      • Currency Exchange
      • Lost and Found Service
      • Ground Transportation
      • Visa related Services
      • Airport Plaza

      Services Offered Before Flight

      Before your flight, you can take advantage of these amenities:

      • Check-in counters – Here, you can hand over baggage and get a boarding pass.
      • Ticket Reservation – Self-service kiosks for booking flights, managing reservations, or printing boarding passes.
      • ATMs and cash – You can get cash or exchange currency here.
      • Cashback facilities – Withdraw cash from your debit or credit card.

      Luggage and Storage

      Here are all the baggage-related facilities:

      • Baggage storage & luggage lockers– Passengers can secure their luggage storage but pay for it.
      • Luggage trolleys– You get the rental cart options to move your luggage around the airport.
      • Luggage delivery services– It arranges delivery of your luggage directly to your hotel.
      • Wrapping of bags will ensure that luggage stays protected with a layer of plastic wrap.
      • Luggage disinfection– For people with viruses or allergies, sanitizing luggage will add more peace of mind.

      Passenger Services

      The benefits are specially curated, keeping the ease of passengers  in mind;

      • Lost & Found- Report lost belongings or get back your found items.
      • First Aid- With the first-aid, you can seek medical help for minor injuries or emergencies.
      • Family restrooms– These spacious restrooms with amenities for families with young children will provide you with more comfort.
      • Baby changing rooms are the assigned areas, especially for baby diaper changes.
      • Disabled access- For disabled passengers, elevators, ramps, and toilets are provided for accessibility.
      • Flight connection desks– Here, you can get assistance with connecting flights.

      Travel Improvements

      If you want a much better experience than the ordinary, here are the facilities that do the job:

      • Lounges– Relax in a comfortable space with complimentary food, drinks, and Wi-Fi. This is for business class or lounge membership passengers.
      • Quiet rooms– Escape the airport noise in a more peaceful space.
      • Business center– Here, you can get the computers, printers, and other office equipment for last-minute work.
      • Conference facilities– Book meeting or event spaces at the airport.
      • Showers- You can freshen up after a long journey, but these showers might be paid.

      Comfort At the Airport

      For your comfort at the airport, there are facilities listed below: 

      • Wi-Fi/Internet access– With the internet and Wi-Fi, you can easily do work that requires internet or stay connected before your flight.
      • Food and drinks– Find restaurants, cafes, and vending machines for snacks and drinks.
      • Shops– Check out outlets for travel essentials, souvenirs, or last-minute gifts.
      • Mobile charging points– Keep your devices powered up before your flight.
      • Prayer room– This is a perfect quiet space for passengers who want to pray or meditate.
      • Postal services– Send postcards, letters, or packages.
      • Shoe shining- Get a quick shoe shine before your flight.
      • Car rental– Reserve or pick up a rental car for your onward journey.

      In conclusion, if you’re taking off from Vueling Airlines LGW Terminal, you’ll have a great time at Terminal S. Their Airbus A31X/A32X family aircraft ensure a comfortable flight. To save time, check-in online up to 24 hours before departure. The terminal itself offers a variety of amenities to make your before-flight experience even better. The facilities at the terminal include shops, restaurants, and Wi-Fi. Follow the procedures and enjoy every bit of your trip. 

      Commonly Asked Questions

      What terminal is Vueling Airlines at London Gatwick?

      Vueling Airlines uses Terminal S at London Gatwick Airport.

      How can I confirm the terminal for my Vueling flight?

      You can confirm the terminal for your flight by checking your boarding pass or contacting the airline directly.

      What amenities are available at Terminal S?

      The terminal provides many amenities, including quick check-in, eateries, shops, ATMs, currency exchange, restrooms, and more.

      How early should I arrive at Terminal S for my Vueling flight?

      You must arrive at the airport at least  2-3 hours before so that you have enough time to get check-in and security check done. If you still save time, enjoy the facilities there.

      Does Terminal S have currency exchange services?

      Yes, there are currency exchange services at Terminal S.

      Is there parking available at Terminal S?

      There is parking available at Gatwick Airport. It includes both short-term and long-term parking options. 

      Does Terminal S have Wi-Fi access?

      You get Wi-Fi access throughout all the terminals, including Terminal S. Free and paid options may be available.

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