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JumboJourney serves as a trustworthy platform where you can find detailed information about arrival and departure terminals defined for various airlines at airports located globally. 

We are not related or connected with any airline, aviation authority, or any such organization. We operate as an independent information provider to help you gain knowledge about the location of airport terminals to catch related flights and the associated services. 

Our goal is to establish a long-lasting relationship with you by providing extensive information. Hence, these Terms and Conditions clearly define our stand on various aspects. They serve as statements of agreement between you and JumboJourney. Kindly refrain from using our website if you disagree with any of these terms and conditions.

These statements talk about the user behavior standards, data privacy, your intellectual property rights, and more.

Independent Identity 

We have no affiliations, collaborations, or partnerships with any airlines or travel agencies. We do not endorse, recommend or promote their products and services. Nor do they sponsor or endorse us. 

No Warranties

The services information provided on our website is solely meant for your awareness so that you can take travel decisions in a better manner. It does not promise or guarantee that the website will live up to your expectations every time or that the information will always be accurate. This is because the airline policies and guidelines keep changing. Besides, you may also find typographical errors in the content. 

We do not bear responsibility for the same. As much as permitted by law, we disclaim all liability for any such inaccuracies or errors. 

We also cannot ensure that the website is free of bugs, malware, or other harmful codes. Unexpected technical issues may also arise and hamper the overall functioning of our website.

Rights to Intellectual Property

All content on this website is protected by intellectual property rights that we hold. The information may not be altered, copied, reproduced, or distributed for any kind of personal or professional means. 

Furthermore, you are not permitted to use any trade names, trademarks, or service marks found on this website without obtaining our consent. 


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We make our best efforts to protect user data. We have put in place robust security measures for the same and that the confidentiality of your information is maintained. 

External Links 

Our website may contain links redirecting to certain external sites. If you click a link that makes you leave our page and takes you to the website of any other organization, you must read their respective Terms and Conditions mentioned therein.

We operate in line with our own policies. External agencies have their own set of rules, and hence, it is mandatory for you to take note of their instructions or guidelines. Once you reach their website, it will be your discretion to use the information provided therein for your air tickets booking or availing other services. 

We shall not be responsible for any such decision you take. Make sure to conduct full research about traveling to a chosen destination for vacation or official purpose. Staying aware of the relevant policies and guidelines helps you make a well-informed decision. 

Unexpected System Failures

A sudden error may arise on the website and prevent you from accessing it, or there can be a backend technical issue. You are expected to cooperate in such a scenario. 

Timely Amendments  

These Terms of Use may be modified, edited, or amended in the future depending on the availability of latest information. Any changes that are made will be updated on the website with immediate effect. Once any such modifications have been made, you are expected to accept the Terms of Use. 

You bear the responsibility of checking the Terms and Conditions every time you access our website. This will help you stay informed with the latest details and make use of our website accordingly for your travel related decisions.  

Restriction of Liability

It is to be made clear that we will not be held responsible for any losses or undesirable circumstances resulting from your use of this website, whether directly or indirectly. Since we are a third-party information provider, we advise you to use it just as a guide for reference purposes. You must cross check the information from official platforms such as the website of an airline and other authentic sources. 

You are also suggested to seek consultation from the recognized organizations operating in the aviation sector. This will help you plan your air journey effectively as you won’t miss out on any important information.

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