Southwest Airlines PVD Terminal – Rhode Island T.F. Green Airport

No plans made for your upcoming trip with Southwest Airlines? Don’t you know stepping inside the terminal without planning can take more time than usual? On the other hand, once you are well aware of what the airlines have to offer you and how they can add stars to your trip, you can make your air travel a lot easier.

Therefore, this page is all about Southwest Airlines PVD Terminal and its services that make your entire journey comfortable and exciting. Continue scrolling the page to get insider information and make further plans based on what the airlines suggest. Get Ready To Fly High!

Important Information of Southwest Airlines at Rhode Island T.F. Green Airport

Before taking further steps, you must know how and where you can get in touch with the official team of Southwest Airlines. If you find yourself stuck between any of the flight procedures, you can immediately seek help from the authorities, but only when you have their accurate contact details. In addition to this, we have prepared a chart below through which you can contact the Southwest Airlines PVD Terminal. 

Airport NameRhode Island T.F. Green Airport
Airport Address2000 Post Rd, Warwick, RI 02886, United States
Arrivals & Departures TerminalTerminal 1
Airport CodePVD
CountryUnited States
Contact Number+1 (401) 737-8222
Working Hours24 hours

Arrivals and Departures at PVD Terminal 

Southwest Airlines passengers will arrive and depart from Terminal 1 at the Rhode Island T.F. Green Airport. you must reach the terminal at least 3 hours before your scheduled departure as you will have to go through certain formalities before boarding your plane.

Arrival Formalities

  • As you step out of your aircraft, proceed to the terminal building.
  • Collect your baggage from the designated carousels. 
  • International travelers will have to pass through customs and immigration.
  • For your next location, you can seek ground transportation service at the exit gate. 

Departure Formalities

  • Head to the check-in counter as soon as you enter the terminal or check-in online.
  • Proceed to the security Screening, but before that, remove electronic devices and liquids from your luggage.
  • Follow airport signs and staff instructions to complete all the pre-flight procedures. 
  • If you have completed all the formalities before your departure time, you can enter the airport lounges or explore the shopping areas.
TIP– Make sure all your travel documents, such as passports, visas, and health certificates, are valid and updated.  

Rhode Island T.F. Green Airport Map Location

Services & Amenities Offered by Southwest Airlines at PVD Airport Terminal

Apart from all the essential services, you need to learn about a lot more facilities that can enhance your air travel. These extras might add a touch of luxury and comfort to your journey ahead. To avail them to your current flight, read the information below:

  • Ticket Booking and Cancellation
  • Baggage Allowance
  • Airport / Online / Self-service Kiosk Check-in
  • Airport Transfers
  • Unaccompanied Minor Service
  • Duty-Free Allowance
  • In-Flight Meals / Entertainment
  • Missing / Delayed / Lost Luggage
  • Airport Lounges
  • Flight Information / Flight Status
  • Delayed / Canceled Flights
  • Airport Facilities
  • Animal Relief Area
  • Boarding Class Enquiries
  • Valet Parking
  • Airport / Inflight Wi-Fi
  • Skycap
  • Rapid Rewards®

Unlock Different Amenities and Services at PVD Terminal

Before making your way to the Southwest Airlines PVD Terminal you should learn about the various amenities and services it offers to make your journey go smooth and convenient. From easy check-in options to affordable ground services. Read Below!

Flight Reservation With Southwest Airlines

Booking a flight with Southwest Airlines can now be easier than ever. Wanna know how? With online reservations, you can secure your seat in a few clicks. Time-saving, isn’t it? You just have to go to the airline’s website, enter your travel details, and grab your preferred seat. You can also manage your reservation by visiting the terminal’s ticketing counter. Payment options are always secure and simple, making bookings easy and quick. Plus, you can skip standing in long airport lines and go to a self-service kiosk for easy check-in.

Make an Easy Cancellation

It often happens that your plans change, and you need to cancel your flight. Well, worry not; we have a win-win deal for you! Southwest Airlines offers hassle-free cancellation guidelines. All you are supposed to do is simply contact the airline’s customer service, provide your booking details, and request a cancellation. Regarding your refundable ticket, refunds are processed quickly, and you may also get a chance to rebook your flight. But never forget to check the Southwest Airlines’s cancellation policy before booking.

Get Yourself an Upgraded Seat

For a more comfortable seat and a better flying experience, you can opt for seat upgrades. It comes with a seat with extra legroom, priority boarding, and additional amenities such as free WiFi, meal options, and in-flight entertainment. Are you convinced? If so, upgrade options are available during booking and check-in. Go For It! But make sure if you have plans to switch to a premium class, you do it on time before the slots get full.

Baggage Allowance

Know your baggage allowance before you fly. Why? Every airline has different regulations and guidelines regarding luggage size, weight, and quantity. For this, check your airline’s website and get to know about specific guidelines, avoiding any additional fees. If you have a premium class ticket, you might get free baggage for your tour. Also, you should avoid sensitive items in your suitcase as the TSA agent at the security checkpoint will detect them and restrict their entry. So, pack smart and avoid last-minute rush.

Get Your Lost Stuff Back!

Losing your stuff or belongings during travel is really stressful. But don’t worry, Southwest Airlines values your essential stuff and has a separate lost and found department. Their dedicated team reunites you with your lost item as soon as they track them. To make it possible, report your lost luggage to the airline’s customer service, provide detailed information, and they will locate it in the best possible way. But what you need to keep in mind is you reply to the authority on time, as your request might be closed if they don’t get the response on time.

Parking and Ground Transportation

Getting to and from the airport can be easier if you have detailed information about the various ground transportation and parking services. Southwest Airlines offers convenient parking options whether you are looking for short-term or long-term parking or valet services. Southwest Airlines PVD Terminal offers taxis, buses, and trains if you need ground transportation services. Remember you are making your bookings online whether you want parking space or ground services. Plan ahead and ensure a smooth journey.

People Often Ask!

What terminal is Southwest Airlines at PVD?

Southwest Airlines uses the Terminal 1 of the PVD.

Which is the departure terminal for Southwest Airlines at the Rhode Island T.F. Green Airport?

Southwest Airlines passengers depart from Terminal 1 of Rhode Island T.F. Green Airport.

How can I check in quickly with Southwest Airlines at PVD?

You can go for online check-in methods or use the self-service kiosk machine located near the check-in counter.

Does Southwest Airlines provide parking facilities for passengers driving themselves to the airport?

Yes, the airline has a well-maintained parking area for travelers.

What services can we enjoy while traveling with Southwest Airlines at the PVD?

With Southwest Airlines, passengers can enjoy services like seat upgrades, baggage allowance, lounge access, lost and found items, and other beneficial services.

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