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Elevate your airport experience by collecting as many details as possible about your flight terminal. When you’re fully prepared, you ought to save time and avoid unnecessary roaming at the airport. Just like that, this page will help you gather information on the Iran Air LVP Terminal. Here, you will learn what to expect while flying with this carrier. From check-in to take-off, we will discuss everything together.

Important Information of Iran Air at Lavan Airport

Passengers in need of assistance can always reach out to the airline. The customer representatives will walk you through the check-in process, baggage submission, or the complete boarding and post-landing formalities. You just have to reach out to them via the given contact details.

Airport NameLavan Airport
Airport AddressHormozgan Province، جزیرهٔ، لاوان‎، R952+CQG, Iran
Arrivals & Departures TerminalTerminal 1
Airport CodeLVP
Working Hours24 hours

First Stop: Check-in Counter!

The very first stop of your pre-boarding experience starts with check-in counters. Passengers with booked tickets have to provide their name and PNR to start the process. At the counter, you complete the identification process and collect boarding passes. Plus, there are multiple ways to do this, other than just traditional check-in at the Lavan Airport.

  1. Online Check-in: Use the airline’s official website to check in online, sitting at home, or from anywhere before the scheduled departure. If you’re not tech-savvy, you can try it, but don’t be surprised if you need a plan B. 
  1. At the Airport: You can easily find the traditional check-in counter as soon as you enter the Iran Air Lavan Airport Terminal. There, you can interact with friendly airline staff who will help you complete the check-in process and hand you the boarding pass. 
  1. Kiosk Machine: These machines are popping up in almost every airport nowadays. They are useful if you are in a rush and travelling with no luggage. Plus, it can print your boarding pass along with baggage tags. 

Second Stop: Baggage Dropping!

Baggage handling at Iran Air LVP Terminal departures is usually straightforward. If you are carrying checked luggage, you must stop at the counter and hand it over to the airline staff. At the counter, the staff will perform the following activities:

  • The staff will first weigh your belongings and ensure they meet the airline size, weight, and quantity restrictions. 
  • If you cross the standard limit, the airline will charge you an extra fee, or you can extend the baggage allowance at the counter. 
  • Once submitted, the staff will hand you a receipt, which you have to present at the time of claiming your items. 
  • When you land at the desired destination, head to the baggage claim, present the receipt and collect your belongings. 
Tip: Toss a change of clothes in your carry-on, just in case!

Third Stop: Security Checkpoints!

The security screening of Iran Air is thorough but easygoing. This implies that the airline focuses equally on assuring safety and offering streamlined screening. Generally, everything will go through an X-ray machine to make sure no harmful object is taken on board. So, when you arrive at the checkpoint, ensure to:- 

  • Have your boarding passes, passports, visas, and other important documents handy. 
  • The staff at the LVP Terminal will pass your bag through the X-ray machine. 
  • You will have to walk through a metal detector. So, be ready to take off anything that can make the buzzer go off. 
  • In addition, don’t be alarmed if you are selected for an extra pat-down. The staff is just trying to make sure everything is safe and secure; a little cooperation will go a long way. 
Remember, Iran has specific rules about what you can bring inside the cabin. It’s worth doing a quick research before you pack your bags.

Lavan Airport Map Location

Services & Amenities Offered by Iran Air at LVP Airport Terminal

The airport provides a mix of convenience to meet the different travel requirements of each customer. For instance, shopping centres for purchasing local treasures, vacation outfits, or travel essentials. There are multiple food chains to help travellers grab a quick bite while on their way to catch connecting flights.

For passengers with religious beliefs, there are multi faith spaces where they can spend time praying. Also, you get internet connectivity throughout the airport, meaning you can maintain your “social media presence.” The following table provides a clear picture of what other amenities are present within the airline terminal.

  • ATMs and Cash
  • Banks and Forex
  • Family Restrooms
  • Medical Facilities
  • Emergency Services
  • Wifi or Internet Access
  • Baby Care Rooms
  • Quiet Seating Spaces
  • Reservation Options
  • Cancellations & Refund
  • Seat Upgradations
  • Check-in Counters
  • Self-service Kiosks
  • Flight Tracking Displays
  • Wheelchair Assistance
  • Airport Guides
  • Lost and Found dept.
  • Assistance for Physically Impaired

Flight Boarding & De-boarding At The Terminal

When the waiting time finally ends and the moment to embark on the plane gets close, the staff will make an announcement. Don’t panic if the boarding starts later than the scheduled time; it’s pretty normal. Just keep your documents and boarding pass ready for one last check. You might hop on a bus to reach your plane.

However, when landing at the Iran Air LVP Terminal arrivals, the scenario is quite different. Since you’re landing at the airport, you must head to the place where you can collect the submitted checked luggage. Navigate the baggage claim section related to your flight and collect the belongings. In the case of foreign passengers, clearing the customs and immigration formalities is a must. 

Extra Help: When You Need It!

If you require on-ground special assistance like a wheelchair, you must contact the airline personally. Share your disability concerns with the airline and request mobility assistance. The airline staff, together with airport members, will arrange special assistance for you on the day of travel. However, this is only possible if you make the call timely. The airline suggests reaching out to them at least two days before the departure date for proper arrangements. 

Find Out More!

What terminal is Iran Air at LVP?

Iran Air is at Terminal 1 in Lavan Airport.

What are the regulations for disabled flying on Iran Air?

Passengers must note that Iran Air does not provide any assistance to disabled passengers onboard. In such a case, they must fly with a personal caretaker.

What time should a passenger check-in for the flight?

For domestic flights, please check in 1:30 hours before departure and three hours before international flight departure.

Is it necessary to bring ID Cards on IranAir domestic flights?

Yes. Travellers have to bring their valid identification cards and other travel documents for domestic flights.

How early should I arrive at the Lavan Airport for Iran Air flight departure?

Yes. There are ticketing counters at the airport, and passengers can purchase tickets on the same day, depending on the seat availability.

How do I contact the Iran Air customer agent for assistance?

Passengers can get in touch through the official website or by calling the helpline no. 011 98 21 4662 1888.

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